“It had been too long since getting my eyes checked out so last week I went to this new office in Kenilworth just North of Homers. I saw Dr. Najem and he gave me a great eye exam covering many more tests than I ever remember from the past. He was laid back, professional and straightforward. The experience was good – and my eyes are fine!”
Allen P.
“This was probably the best exam I have had in a long time. They have a computer instead of an eye chart and a digital camera that took a picture of the back of my eye. All while serving me Starbucks coffee. Wait till you see the place…breath taking!”
David K.
“Dr. Najem was professional and down to earth. He explained each test and what he was looking for in easy to understand terms. I did not feel he was rushing my testing to get to the next patient. The only difficulty I experienced was making up my mind on which eyeglass frame to select. There are so many each nicer than the next. I selected two, one for indoors and sunglasses. I have had compliments on my frames from store clerks and it was a pleasure to refer them to Affinity Optical. The interior of the store is decorated with class and taste as if from a fashion magazine. Everyone there was pleasant and made me feel welcome!”
Penny S.
“The store, the selection, the service …this is my third purchase in three months. It is not just a place to buy a pair of glasses or get an exam but a destination that I feel very comfortable to patronize.”
Shelley B.